[2015-REPORT] [ANNIVERSARY] Archangel Scanlations has been around for slightly over 1-year (we skipped our anniversary announcement) as we had little to celebrate with crawling new releases, and missed promises. *Winter Madness Event**Cough**

Here is a report on our current active strength and report on those who are no longer with us. (compiled down below) http://archangelscans.com/our-staff/


Janurary-May 2015
We saw significant growth since we started the group, and we eventually picked up a second project in Q1-2015.

March: I, The Female Robot was receiving 100,000+ monthly views recorded on one mangasite.

April: Autophagy Regulation was receiving 70,000+ monthly views recorded on one mangasite.

June-August 2015
We had the most members around this time (10+ Active Staff) and our groups strength was only growing. We lost some members overtime, but we were still growing even with the following losses throughout 2015.

Previously Announced::Past Fallen Angels::
CT-NIW (Translator)
MidnightDreamer (Operator, Support-Proofreader)
Accretios (Translator)
Kevah, (Typesetter)
Goldfish (Translator)

September-December 2015
We lost over 70% of our active members at the end of year, and our most vital members departed leaving our group on temporary life-support on the last month of 2015.

Fallen Angels:
Valdien (Proofreader, Support-Manager, Web-Technician)
Higasho (Typesetter/Support-Manager/Uploader)
Pudgy Hamster (Typesetter)
IntOverflow (Translator)
Deepimax , (Translator)
Sinomai (Typesetter)

Active Angels:
T.A (Leader, Proofreader)
Maaka (Editor, Manager, Typesetter, QC, Uploader)
Odminesk (Cleaner)
Saya (Translator)

Ashley (Operator, AS-Founder)

EMP (Translator)
Higasho (Community Manager/Supporter)

Statistics wise our website has lost up to 50% active traffic by the end of the year. Although the blame could be due to the slowed down releases.

I, The Female Robot is now receiving around 40,000+ monthly views recorded on one mangasite.

Autophagy Regulation is now receiving around 90,000+ monthly views recorded on one mangasite.

ITFR took a popularity hit in views across the mangaworld, while Autophagy Regulation has seen steady growth. Both series more notably have significantly less community interaction in Q4-2015 (Comments have almost come to a halt on nearly all the mangasites combined). This is likely due to the slowed down releases, and for one series the conclusion of a volume.

It becomes much more difficult to follow a story when chapter releases slow down considerably, and readers forget what happened in previous chapters. Basically, we lost the interest of the readers. It could also be a declining interest in the series, but we’re confident readers are simply waiting for new chapters.

Janurary-2016 & Beyond – Regardless of the devastating losses. We are somehow still alive and releasing new chapters. This is thanks to the quick support of the group Demonicscans who we helped in the past. We also soon after secured another translator named Saya putting us back on our feet. Things are still a little shaky to be honest.

We could definitely use some new dedicated members!

Did you know that more than half our team was recruited from the same manga website? Over 85% of our team started off with very little scanlation knowledge. AS needs new recruits for the path ahead! Want to join our team and strengthen Archangel Scanlations with your talent? (or hidden talent) Head to our recruitment station!


// If you feel the list is incorrect, or you want it changed immediately then write a message below, or contact the group. //

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