ARCHANGEL SCANLATIONS: Recruiting Chinese > English Translators! (FEB.2016)

We are still hunting for a truly dedicated Chinese > English translator that will help us release I, The Female Robot 2 & Autophagy Regulation faster. Please send an email to Sebastian Nilsson <> If you are interested in being apart of Archangel Scanlations!

We are also accepting Guest Translators who do not want to be apart of the team. Instead wanting to be apart of the credits to boost your credit portfolio. Be proud knowing that you’ve helped us release chapters for the projects you helped release to fans!

Small Notes:
– Our group aims to release a minimum of one chapter every week *Required to translate up to 30-pages every 7-14 days* PG. Dialogue/Difficulty varies.
– We use Email/Skype for active communication (Facebook Optional)
– Translator is free to decline active tasks and push scheduling further down the line to accommodate your time schedule
– We use one of the most convenient methods compared to many other groups, which will boost your ability to translate faster.
– Our group prefers to works online in our convenient workstation on our website.

We have updated some information on the recruitment section of our website (Translators are not required to go through these steps)

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