Autophagy Regulation|Panel Coloring Artist| Introducing: UsagiTail

Introducing the very first panel coloring artist for AR: UsagiTail

You can find UsagiTails on Deviantart at the following URL:

Congratulations on being the first artist to make something awesome for En-Autophagy Regulation fans! We will be posting the panel only version onto the next chapter release which will be viewed well over 50,000 times and forever viewed by future readers!

Usagi took a panel from CH-12, PG_21 and did an amazing job with the coloring. We encourage other artists to dig through the chapters and bring panels to life like Usagi! Here is the direct image that we encourage you to click to boost public exposure!

View the original image:

We also have two line-art’s readily available for download on DA: First artists to color the two pre-supplied line-arts from the DA-page and that uploads to the AR group will have your Deviantart linked, and panel featured on a future chapter!

If you are capable of creating original artwork then you might want to read our DA- Journal which could see your original work featured over 12+ times and viewed more than 350,000 times!


autophagy regulation chapter 12 page 21

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