Archangel Scanlations – .com is live!

We have not only purchased a new domain; but behind the scenes the entire database has been moved over from a 5,000 slot server to a premium 500 slot server speeds have switched from 10 to 100 and security is boosting up x25. We will make sure no hidden advertisements appear, or popups from us! [Excluding announcements if needed]

On an operation side we will still be releasing a chapter every week and switching out each projects alternatively until we have secured another [Typesetter] and possibly a [Proofreader] + Additional translator [Chinese/Japanese] We have intentions on training our typesetters to increase overall quality across our projects. June is still set to be a slow process.

We have intentions of hosting another double chapter release to quench the thirst from the drought this summer. We kept really quiet about the move to .com and everything was well hidden. We have been working very hard to not only get everything running, but to improve the website overall.


Now to talk about plans; which were originally intended to be launched alongside the new website, but placed on hold for now.

//Hashed plan// We are no longer a non-profit organization.

We are seriously considering opening up a donation page/pool to keep the website up and running. This donation pool would benefit our workstation; where the scanlation magic happens for both projects. As you may know earlier last month, we suffered a cataclysmic meltdown which resulted in our operations slowing down considerably. If we do consider to officially open up a donation page we would only require approximately $15USD which will keep our operation doors open, and fully running for up to 3-months. Paypal donations will be the only possible way for supporting our group ‘Archangel Scanlations’

Once we hit our required goal we will ‘NOT’ be taking in any more additional funding. We only wish to secure the pathway and deliver to fans of both project series; ‘I, The Female Robot’ & ‘Autophagy Regulation’. We are striving to release the best possible scans, and we hope you believe in us and continue supporting us, with your comments of love and support for our wonderful scanlation group. ‘Archangel Scanlations’

Long live ‘Archangel Scanlations!’

Our growth will only go forwards, not backwards!


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