Community Manager: Higasho

Long story short: I’m your new official communicator (Community Manager) End of story, goodbye, the end!
—Longer Version— Hello! I’m back!
(Aka. the guy who typeset, and uploaded more than 40 chapters.)
More importantly the guy who controlled the social aspect of Archangel Scanlations both inside our social channels and offsite.
90% of community based posts were by yours truly throughout 2015: Facebook posts, website posts, polls, and all of the front promotional credit pages on chapters, and creator of many other miscellaneous things such as Wallpapers, Backgrounds, icons. This list goes on and on and on… Everything I have done was for the community. I have indeed returned *slides off my high steed* I am beautiful, and fabulous… YOU WILL ACCEPT MY RETURN OR ELSE! Aha. *ahem* enough of that…
Glad to be back! I will be taking up a smaller role within the group as a community manager. So if you noticed for the past 45 days any lacking communication (well now you know why!) I wasn’t here! Haha… but now I am! So be prepared to know everything! that’s happening inside the group in deeper detail!
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Article by Higasho

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