Crossover Artwork Contest!

Experimental Artwork Contest: Are you an artist? Perhaps an talented artist with lots of followers, or an artist with a low amount of exposure? Show all of our readers your artwork featuring both main characters from I, The Female Robot & Autophagy Regulation! Yes that’s right a crossover!

1) Artwork must feature Qiqi from I, The Female Robot & Ryan from Autophagy Regulation (no more, no less)
2) Pose must be back-to-back similar to the following image example: or
3) Holiday Festivity is a bonus for the Winter Madness event but not required for this art contest!
4) Must not contain any nudity or any inappropriate content.
5) Entry’s must be submitted before December 3rd but exceptions can be made if we lack submissions/choices.
6) Multiple entries may be selected as winners (up to 3)
7) Your entry may or may not be selected if you do not meet a low artistry level+ (Stick figures would eliminate you)
8) Contest winning artwork pieces will never be taken down and will always remain embedded within each respective series.

1) Your artwork will be featured on the front page of each newly released chapter throughout the duration of our entire Winter Madness event (Approx-30-days on 12+ CHs)
2) Artwork will be permanently linked to the series for future readers that come across the chapters.
2) Your Deviantart will be pinned both on social media, and our .com website throughout the duration of Winter Madness.
3) Your artwork will be featured on both of our Deviantart groups.
4) Guaranteed to be viewed by over 250,000 times by readers across the manga-world.
5) Credited on each chapter and your personal Deviantart permanently embedded/linked within the series for all current and future readers.

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