[Cancelled]Double-Chapter [Event] – Forewarning! (*‿*✿)[Cancelled]

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(/^▽^)/ Double-Chapter (Forewarning). We have intentions to hold another Mini-Facebook event. Completing said objective event will reward fans with…. an additional chapter! [More information should release later this week] ( ≧Д≦)

Mind you we really do bring out the whips in order to make this happen. We must combat this drought that our readers aren’t used too. Remember the days when we released two chapters a week? Oh… that wasn’t too long ago. (; ̄Д ̄)

We won’t be able to return to those days until we secure another [Typesetter] that has prior [Experience] in scanlation. Picking up a recruit to train overtime is time consuming, and quite possibly damaging with shortcuts sometimes being taken.

( ゚Д゚)<!! If we secure this future skilled typesetter we can begin considering releasing both chapters each week [Again]. Until then we will be short handed with staff in June. A portion of our staff will be taking vacations more noticeably the [Main Translator] will be on vacation for 2-weeks. (¬_¬)

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) We have our backup translator on the scene; and our two very capable typesetters to push out releases in June. Nobody can forget the very important proofreader who has had no breaks, and does not seem to slow down at all. (-‿◦)

(^ _ ^)/ I will personally be typesetting the event chapter; If fans manage to complete said objective! …did I mention this double chapter event could possibly be for AR? aka. the first double chapter release for the project series? Oh…now I did! ( •̀ω•́ )σ

Contact: Sashley24@ymail.com for the [Typesetter] Position!

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