I, The Female Robot 2 – INCOMING – Vote Now… on the critical poll which determines the future of the series!

This poll is so important that we need to add additional information before you cast your critical vote! This is a very hot topic in our group, and we’re constantly fighting over how the series should be continued.

Chapter 43 of ITFR marks the end of the series I, The Female Robot, I Female Robot and the series then continues under the same series, but with what im suspecting is VOL.2 listed. However some staff members want to take this opportunity to change the series title. (Drastically IMO) Your vote will help guide us in the right direction.

Author has uploaded under the same series, but placed a 2 behind the titles (VOL.2?) Anyway the author started from chapter 01 and on-wards for the series. If we continued the series under the current series+title the chapter would simply hit 44+ and continue ticking.

(It is the easiest way to go about this) creating a new series is a pain in the ass, and spreading the word to other manga sites takes time. Should we take the opportunity to change the series title, under a new series entry?

The biggest question is what do you want? Staff remains divided on this matter (Some want a name change, and some like myself would rather continue the series and let it tick on-wards)

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Article by Higasho

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