I, The Female Robot -First Part- has concluded + KICKASS-2016-QIQI-Wallpaper 1920×1080

I, The Female Robot -First Part- has concluded!

Something you might’ve not known since my absence is that I, The Female Robot 2 -Second Part- ended on CH-224 December-2015. It’s currently unclear if I, The Female Robot 3 will happen (Might’ve been teased at the end)

Archangel Scanlations reported some licensing issue concerns earlier, which are being cleared up. I, The Female Robot 2 has an exclusive contract with Monstrous Aura and U17. Archangel Scanlations will likely push forward regardless of a 2-year old legal notice which probably doesn’t apply to us scanlators.

I, The Female Robot 2 is upon us… it is hard to believe we still have another 180 chapters to translate, and release. Celebrating this milestone… I’ve created another KICKASS wallpaper for the community featuring the main character QIQI!

1920×1080 RES-ONLY [1MB] – https://mega.nz/#!nQxRWABY!Gukc2OEC-b_LA5MbWyxCj0hOjZWVBdRiEvM4DyQomRg

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