Maaka: Named ‘Editor’ of Archangel Scanlations!

Hey, ‘Higasho’ here! Aka. Glasses-Kun or Geek-Guy!

If you don’t know much about me: I have been posting News & Announcements both on the main website + Facebook including uploading across every manga site with the latest chapters; while holding the important title ‘Editor’ for Archangel Scanlations.

It’s hard to believe that I have helped release over 30-chapters to the manga world. My immediate role when joining and most important was the Editor position for Archangel Scanlations; which oversees a majority of the operations within AA.

A position that I took pride in wielding everyday; and now a position that I’m bestowing upon another. I will no longer be Editor for Archangel Scanlations starting June 1st. (I will still be within the operations for ‘AA’!)

My successor for the position is of course ‘Maaka’ and he has since been on the rise within our operations. He is currently acting Operator and keeping our operations afloat, while he has proven that he is very capable as a typesetter and more.

I joined AA (January 18th) My scanlation ride has been incredible. It has been an eye opening experience to be able to work behind the scenes on ITFR + AR and realizing how much hard work/effort and lots of love put into each newly released chapter.

(Hey… am I making it sound like im leaving….cause im not XD?)

I will still be around as a Manager: Posting News & Announcements on FB+Website and will be working BTS on the website as a Web-Technician. including offering support as a Typesetter when need be! ^___^

and… ALL HAIL MAAKA! (lolxD)

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