Protecting authors intended wishes and original intentions – Part 2

A few months ago, we’ve faced many hurdles that set us back a bit. Such as minor things like a few incorrect tag listings, and more extreme cases of very disgusting censorship of an author’s artists original artwork. We have another minor situation on our hands, with new tags incorrectly being added.

However if you have not read Part 1 then you can do so here at the following link! (Far more exciting) However~ to sum it all up~ an anonymous user drew additional clothing on an overview image, for one of our project series and posted it on As an overview image for all to see. (Take it to deviantart) was our very clear message.

Truly a disgusting situation that we hope to never run into again.


Below is a minor situation; but again because official information regarding one of our project series was changed. I’m reigniting things slightly, this situation involves information [Main EN-Title] being changed into the Chinese Version-Name. (a name change) which while is correct in its own right; was unfortunately misposted slightly.

New alternative title is being added to the list of alternative names: ‘Shì guī zhě’ (We correctly listed the name) as it was being incorrectly listed. Ultimately we should reserve the first right of name, above our secondary and third (Spanish/Russian) scanlators on EN-manga-hosted websites across the mangaworld. (One can argue the authors wish is for the name to remain the same as the original chinese name. However~ We would argue that ‘Chinese Language’ sometimes doesn’t cross-over to our English Language all too well.

We carefully created an ENGLISH-BASED title for the EN-Mangaworld. Whether or not we have any right to do so is in the grey area for us. We have zero communication, with the original creator/author of the project series ‘Autophagy Regulation.’ Most scanlation websites do not abide by the authors wishes. Most scan-groups do not bother to create an EN-Based title for their respective language readers. We have had discussions to notify both project authors of our operations in the past.

I personally would like to believe that the authors would absolutely love their work to be brought across seas and read in different languages. One of the special things about ‘Archangel Scanlations’ is that both our projects ‘I, The Female Robot’ & ‘Autophagy Regulation’ are both directly uploaded by the authors on U17 for FREE. [Open License] meaning our operation is [Mostly] legal. Both series are not licensed, both series do not have a TV/Anime show airing in the foreseeable future or any-types of deals.

We reserve grey area right as the first to secure both series, to handle all of the official postings on all EN-based manga websites. Our releases are all handled by our entire team here at ‘Archangel Scanlations’ and our group strives for the highest possible quality, and beyond for the readers. Anyway… back to the originally intended topic which we slightly strayed!

On a tag was added ‘Shiguizhe’ and on mangaupdates Shiguizhe replaced the main title name. Correct spelling is either ShiGuiZhe or ”Shì guī zhě’ which is acceptable ‘Shiguizhe’ is sadly not (Determined by our highly skilled translators) Our ultimate goal is to protect the name, which the authors originally intended for the series.

Our EN-based name is the widely known as “Autophagy Regulation” which we wish to protect.

Shiguizhe is being updated as an alternative title name for “Autophagy Regulation” across the manga-world by anonymous users. (We of course stepped in to correctly list the name; and protect our main title on EN-based websites.

We began to notice the ‘Unauthorized’ changes on earlier today, which we are now in the process of reverting/changing back into its originally more widely recognized/popular name across the EN-Mangaworld “Autophagy Regulation”

ShiGuiZhe or Shì guī zhě vs the grammatically incorrect Shiguizhe is a pretty minor case.

Although we wish to remind everyone who cares, that we will continue to protect the authors intended wishes, and original intentions for the project series that the author loves, and we love.

Autophagy Regulation
Macrophage Regulation
Macrophage: The Devourer
Shì guī zhě
To Break The Original Rules

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