September scheduling changes + Double Chapter for AR!

August is coming to an end with the final week in play. We will be attempting to end the month with a double chapter release for Autophagy Regulation (May push into the week after). This marks the first time AR has ever received a double chapter/event of any-kind.

Scheduling changes beginning in September which ill quickly announce here. We will be reducing the drop-landing zone (Squeezing the release schedule) from 72-hours to 24-hours with a grace period of 24-hours (48-hours)

You can expect the chapters to release within the first 24-hours of the expected release day. Unless certain issues arrive which can push the chapters release to the day after. If we happen to hit our grace day, we will be working our absolute hardest to get the chapter out immediately as it is due.

These changes are to tap readers on the shoulder, and give them a confirming thought process of: .e. “Chapter is releasing today/soon as scheduled.”

Will be updating the release schedule on our website to reflect the upcoming September scheduling changes which goes into effect on the 1st..

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